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Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Social media has become the most progressive form of marketing since billboards over the past 10 years and it isn't going anywhere. For some, it is a way of life, for other they would rather eat Vegimite than write hashtags. Thats where I come in..

From Freelance to Consulting Creative Director, I’ve provided actionable marketing strategies for new and existing business like yours. Interested in a hiring me? Drop me a line or check out my services page at If you’re not quite sure if this is for you, here is some food for thought to get you going:

Click and likes doesn't mean leads and conversion..

Active and engaging content is the absolute KEY to opening the conversation between you and your potential client. There is no specific amount of money that ads can buy that will guarantee that your traffic is converted and, there is no special hashtag that will make your brand internet famous. Like with anything, if you want to grow and become the best at what you do, you must deliver content consistently and across multiple channels.

Here is a simple checklist to get you going on your engagement journey. If you find that you aren't checking all of the boxes, keep reading and venture over to my services page to learn more about what I can offer you or your brand.

Social Media Engagement & Growth Check-list & Questions:

  • Are your social media channels branded appropriately? Is your message across each channel unified?

  • Are you posting four to five times a week across at least three social media accounts with content specific to your market?

  • Is your content driven by a desire that your market has? Is there a need for your content? Is your content answering questions or offering new, verifiable insight to a subject specific to your industry?

  • Are you managing your In-Box and actively responding to comments?

  • Have you analyzed your social media analytics to isolate areas of improvement?

  • Have you developed campaigns to engage your client based on services you provide?

Want to learn more about what you may need and what I can offer you? Keep reading..

Where you are and

what you need..

  • You need to grow your following but can't seem to gain followers!

  • You have a great base, but aren't connecting with your potential clients.

  • You are starting from scratch and want to get the ball rolling the right way.

  • You want verifiable results and an agency level quality work but are on a strict budget.

What you’ll get..

  • Four to Five Posts Per Week

  • Seven To Ten Instagram Stories Per Week

  • 25 Top Comment Responses

  • In-Box Management

  • Weekly Analytics Review

  • Social Media Profile Creation Of Up To Three Platforms 

  • Multi-Profile Management Of Up To Three Platforms

Client Instagram: @Fringefashionpdx

What to learn more about this campaign? Click HERE for a breakdown of the basics that made Fringe grow and learn more about the analytics behind the campaigns.

Reference Links:

What is Social Media Management? | Why Social Media Is Important | Great Content

What my clients are saying..

"Fringe Fashion show is a niche fashion event, and since it is in its first few years it was crucial to find someone to help guide our team that had the ideas, the organizational skills, the creativity to craft a brand image and the experience to be able to get it done on time. Tyler not only designed a killer magazine and website, but added a flavor to our website and promotional content that caught the eye of our target audience  while simultaneously maintaining the professionalism needed to help obtain partnerships with valued sponsors." Fringe Fashion PDX

If you've made it this far, thanks for taking the time to read this! You're either intrigued by my work or potentially looking to get started on building your brand. Feel free to reach out to me at any of the links below or head to back to my website for pricing and package info!

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